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The Best of France Cheese Board

The Best of France Cheese Board

A curated platter of one of our best-selling samplers
The Best of France Cheese Board
There’s a reason the French are famous for their cheese, and for our classic sampler, we put together a selection of our favorite fromage, and then turned it into a crowd-pleasing board. Perfect for picnics, happy hour, or easy snacking, this cheese and charcuterie platter features five fan-favorite cheeses, including Brie, Comte, and Ossau Iraty, plus a handful of silky French-style prosciutto, some crispy crackers, and a helping of crunchy, briny cornichons. Serve this platter up with a French cocktail or a glass of Bordeaux for a real taste of France.
  • Prep Time : 10 min
  • Assembly Time : 10 min.
  • Total Time : 20 min.
  • Serves: 4-6


  1. Triangle slice the Ossau Iraty and Tomme de Savoie.
  2. Cut the Comte into long rectangular batonettes.


  • On a round board, arrange all five cheeses. Place the whole Mini Brie at the top, the Brebirousse at the bottom, and shingle the slices of Ossau Iraty and Tomme de Savoie around the left and right edges of the board, respectively. Then, create a neat pile of Comte slices curving around the left side of the Mini Brie, towards the center.
  • Arrange the Jambon de Bayonne around the Brebirousse, snaking it in between the cheese on the right side of the board and up towards the center.
  • Make a long pile of Raincoast Crisps along the left side of the board, stretching from top to bottom, in between the outermost cheese and the center cheeses.
  • Fill the remaining space on the right side and center of the board with cornichons.

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