The Best Sellers Board

The Best Sellers Board

Classic cheeses and bites from top makers around the world
The Best Sellers Board
There’s a reason these favorites are best sellers! We’ve gathered some of our top cheeses, meats, and snacks from local and international makers for a board that’s guaranteed to please every palate. Our five cheese picks have something for everyone: a blue cheese and a cheddar from The Cellars at Jasper Hill, two creamy three-milk blends from Murray’s, and a classic Comte from France. For charcuterie, we’ve picked two timeless selections--silky Prosciutto and rich Saucisson Sec. A board of our best bites wouldn’t be complete without some bright snacks, so we’ve added a few different flavors and textures, from chocolate-covered almonds to cherry preserves and fresh honey, salted crackers, and more. Ideal for munching at home or impressing guests, these bestsellers never go out of style.


  1. Partially crumble both the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and Bayley Hazen Blue, leaving about ½ to ¾ on the rind.
  2. Slice the 80:10:10 into even-sized squares.
  3. Slice the Comte into long batonettes.
  4. Slice the Saucisson Sec into coins.


  • On an oval board, place a cluster of three empty jars just left of center.
  • Arrange the cheeses around the edge of the board. Place the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar above the jars, the Bayley Hazen Blue to the left of the jars, and the Comte slices below the jars. On the right side of the board, place the La Tur about an inch in from the right edge, with the 80:10:10 sliced in a shingled semi-circle around its right side.
  • Between the Bayley Hazen Blue and the Cabot Clothbound, create a long ribbon of Prosciutto di Parma, stretching from the left edge of the board into the center. Between the Comte slices and the 80:10:10 and La Tur, create a pile of Saucisson Sec coins.
  • Along the right side of the La Tur, create a shingled line of Sea Salt Crackers, stretching from the top edge of the board into the center.
  • Fill the empty space between the crackers and the Cabot Clothbound with Blenheim Apricots.
  • Fill the space between the Comte and the Bayley Hazen Blue with Quicos de Chocolate.
  • Fill the three jars with Honey Comb, Spiced Cherry Preserves, and Marcona Almonds, respectively.
  • Remove the wrapping from Murray’s La Tur and serve!

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Murray's La Tur
Murray's Prosciutto Di Parma 3oz
Fabrique Delices Saucisson Sec
Murray's Sea Salt Crackers 4oz
Murray's Marcona Almonds 4.2oz
B&R Farms Blenheim Apricots 8 oz