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The Fresh Caprese Cheese Board

We’re turning a classic Caprese Salad into a cheese platter! Cheddar, feta, burrata, you name it--we’ve curated some Italian favorites and fresh tomatoes for a summer spread that’s perfect for picnics and easy snacking. For a touch of savory richness, we’ve added some silky slices of traditonal speck, as well as a dollop of ‘Nduja, a spicy, spreadable meat. Whether you decide to garnish the board with fresh heirlooms from your garden or cherry tomatoes from the store, this plate is guaranteed to hit the spot.

preparation & ingredients

2 ea. Murray’s Burrata

1 ea. Murray’s Feta Cup

1 lb Murray’s High Plains Cheddar

1 lb Murray’s Cave Aged Original Stockinghall

1 ea. La Quercia ‘Nduja

1 ea. Murray’s Speck Sliced

1 ea. Z Crackers Garlic & Basil

Fresh Tomatoes


Partially chunk the Stockinghall and the High Plains Cheddar.
Slice any large tomatoes into coins.
Fully crumble the feta.


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