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Charcuterie Lover's Board

The Charcuterie Lover's Board

Piled high with our favorite meats, this board is one savory spread.
charcuterie cheese board
Perfect for summer barbecues, Father’s Day celebrations, or any occasion that calls for a hearty helping of meat, this cheese and charcuterie board is stacked with some of our most delectable sliced selections and sweet sausages. Featuring two all-time classic cheeses, Moliterno al Tartufo and Mahon, this platter is piled high with charcuterie from La Quercia, Olympia Provisions, The Meat Hook, and more.


  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Evenly slice the Moliterno al Tartufo and Mahon into rectangles.
  3. Cook the Italian Sausage and Chorizo and slice them into coins.


  • On the board, place two empty jars, one towards the top left corner and one towards the bottom right corner. From the top right corner of the board to the bottom edge of the board, shingle the Moliterno al Tartufo and the Mahon in a wide line.
  • Place a ring of lettuce around the top left jar.
  • Fill the bottom right jar with Nduja, and ring the jar with Piacentini Coppa. Then create a line of folded Jamon Serrano on the other side of the line of cheese.
  • On the lettuce, pile the coins of sausage.
  • In the empty spaces along the top edge and bottom left corner of the board, shingle the La Panzanella Mini Multigrain Croccantini.
  • Fill the empty jar with Sir Kensington’s Mustard, and fill the empty space in the center of the board with olives.

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