Cucina Collection


This is piggy paradise for any chef looking to add delicious, fatty flavors to their next dish. Our hand-picked sampler gives you a range of cuts to work with, putting on display the whole hog spectrum of textures and tastes that this little piggy has to offer. Bacon is only the beginning when it comes to cured meat staples in the kitchen and La Quercia is doing a super job of introducing (and re-introducing) us to the essentials. The collection includes:

Cherrywood Bacon (12 oz.) ' They've taken this bacon one step further by smoking it for 24 hours over wild cherrywood logs, giving it a tangy smoky flavor that stands out even in the world of expertly smoked bacon.

Pancetta Americano (2 3 oz. packages) ' Dry cured pork belly pinwheels, seasoned with rosemary, peppercorns, and bay leaves. These round slices turn any pasta dish into a miracle.

Guanciale Americano (8 oz.) ' Luxurious fat laced with rich meat, this cut from the jowl makes silky sauces out of a sow's ear'er, chin. It's also perfect for enriching soups and stews.

Red Table Lardo (8 oz.) ' In Minnesota, Red Table's Mike Phillips is crafting small-batch, sustainable Italian-style charcuterie from happy pigs which puts the Old World to shame. This versatile cured backfat, a favorite of Italian quarry workers, is an elegant treat on warm grilled bread, or draped over roast vegetables.