Greatest Hits


Here you have it: four all-star cheeses assembled in an insulated Murray’s picnic cooler along with carefully chosen pairings, all for the sole purpose of making your holiday gifting easier than Sunday morning. Skip the stress this year and select an expertly curated collection of best sellers that’s fitting for truly any occasion!

Greatest Hits comes in our Murray's Insulated Picnic Cooler and includes:

SHARPMurray's English Cheddar

CREAMYMurray's Mini Brie

NUTTYMurray's Cave Aged Gruyere

MILDMurray's Aged Manchego

SWEETMurray's Cherry and Clove Jam

CRUNCHY Hayden Flour Mills White Sonora Crackers

SNACKABLEBlenheim Apricots

Greatest Hits contains 2 pounds of cheese. Will serve 6-10 hungry fans.