Herve Mons Cantal

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In many ways, Cantal is the proto cheddar. It has similar qualities and is made with the cheddaring process, but this French wheel outdates England's classic creation by a cool 1,200 years. That was long before sour cream & cheddar became a flavor combo that we all learned to go crazy for, but that's exactly what this ancient wheel tastes like, with an extra milkiness and notes of dried fruits to boot. Cantal Entre-Deux is aged by Fromages Mons, France's legendary affieneurs. They keep this cheese in a humid cave, where it's turned and washed regularly to develop a natural rind that's almost stone-like in appearance. Of course, it's the creamy yellow paste where the flavor resides, and Mons ages this cheese anywhere from three to seven months to achieve that milky, fruity flavor. Pair this with other delicious cheeses like Herve Mons Bethmale Chevre and Herve Mons 1924 Bleu.

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8 Months