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Herve Mons Petit Heletar 2.7oz

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This item is currently unavailable.


Semi firm in its youth and fantastically fudgy once it ages, Petit Héletar is a singularly delicious study in texture. The rind of this sheep's milk cheese is wrinkled and a bit brainy. The creamline is a golden band that softens over time but doesn't turn to goo. The ivory paste retains the youthful essence of the cheese, with the aroma of salted butter. All of these together combine for a little wheel with big flavor: its sweet, herbaceous qualities bring to mind a dewy meadow, while the more umami notes are like a delicate porcini broth. How does a cheese become so complex and satisfying? So much of that comes from the aging process, and France's Fromages Mons are legends of the craft. The variables they work with are elemental: temperature, humidity, and time. Something so good can only be the product of mastering the intricacies of such fundamental components.

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Milk Type
Rennet Type
20 Days
2.7 oz