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Murray’s Cave Aged Limited Smoked Stephen

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Love the classically creamy St. Stephen from Hudson Valley’s Four Fat Fowl? Meet its smoky sibling, an original creation straight from the Murray’s Caves. Using a cold smoking gun, our affineurs smoke a green or unaged round of St. Stephen inside a chamber until it’s infused with a rich, woodsy essence. After being treated in our Caves, this new cheese emerges with a white, downy rind speckled with blue-green blooms, and a dense, velvety paste that’s packed with notes of barbecue smoke and bacon, a hint of roasted hazelnuts, and just a touch of sweet buttermilk. To bring out its earthy savor, this smoked saint is best with a craft cider or sour ale, and a dollop of spiced chutney or jam.

*Each wheel of Smoked Stephen is approximately 8 ounces.

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New York
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4 Weeks