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Goat Lady Dairy Smokey Mt. Round 5oz


The Smoky Mountains of North Carolina loom as the backdrop for Goat Lady Dairy, so it is no surprise that the farm named their fresh goat's milk cheese after the monumental landscape. Bringing milk from three local farms, Goat Lady Dairy embodies the concept of a farmstead farm that works with their community to create amazing cheeses and produce - and Smoky Mountain Round makes it clear those efforts are successful. Hand formed, these delightful balls are dried and lightly smoked over applewood generously donated by a nearby neighbor. When it reaches its peak, these cheese is reminiscent of fresh goat's milk, with a bacony aroma and flavor. This spreadable, meaty delight is best on top of a sturdy cracker, with a glass of Merlot in tow.

Just the Facts

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Pour a glass of...
  • Merlot

    A smooth and medium-bodied wine with a more rounded flavor than other reds. Dark fruits are present but with minimal tannins and no noticeable spice.

    Pair with: Earthy tommes like Toma Walser, mellow Fontina, or a lightly aged goat cheese like Leonora.

  • Strong Beers

    Barleywine, Old Ale, Strong Ale, Scotch Ale

    Big and intense, with an alcohol punch to match, don’t underestimate any of these guys. Flavors will favor the malty side of the spectrum, with dark fruit, leather, and tobacco notes common. You will taste the booze. And it will be delicious.

    Pair with: A cheese equally big in flavor. Dunbarton Blue has subtle bluing and a savory-sweet gouda flavor that will be a perfect match for these tough brews.