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In the heart of Green County Wisconsin, you’ll find some of the very best pasture in the USA. You’ll also find Landmark Creamery, founded by Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates. The ‘two Annas’ met at a potluck for Women in Sustainable Agriculture after they each moved to Green County in 2009. They discovered that they shared a passion for artisanal cheese and in 2013 began making and selling their own.

Tallgrass Reserve is a genuine expression of Wisconsin terroir, with each batch being made from the milk of grass-fed cows on a single farm (sometimes even the famed Uplands Cheese!). But every batch shares the same deep yellow paste and satisfying sweet butter flavor. The Annas attribute this to the abundance of clover that the cows eat as they are being rotationally grazed, and to careful cave aging. We love the mild lactic acidity and earthy finish on this natural rind beauty, not to mention the wonderful toasty flavors that develop near that rind. The two Annas planned their creamery over some homemade Old-Fashioneds and suggest pairing their Tallgrass Reserve with a nice Bourbon. Who are we to argue with destiny?

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Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
5-18 Months

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