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The Back to School Cheese Board

The Back to School Cheese Board

Easy, cheesy bites for snacking on the go
The Back to School Cheese Board next to a lunch box and homework
School’s back in session! Whether you’re a busy parent or a student yourself, this sweet and simple board has the best delicious (and nutritious!) bites for eating on the go. We’ve assembled our own version of classic lunchbox snacks featuring a few of our best-selling cheeses like tea sandwiches with Champlain Valley Organic Cream Cheese or cucumber slices with sweet Gjetost. For an added hit of savory snackability, we’ve paired these homemade bites with silky Prosciutto di Parma and creamy cheddar curds. Build this full spread for lunch at home or family night on the couch, or break down the components for a taste of Murray’s throughout the day.


  1. For the Tea Sandwiches: Make a mini sandwich by spreading Champlain Valley Organic Cream Cheese on a Trois Petits Cochons Mini Toast and topping it off with a slice of cucumber and another Mini Toast.
  2. For the Ants on a Log: Cut a celery stick into 4-5 smaller celery sticks, fill the celery with Pistachio Cream Spread, then top each off with a few Sundried Cranberries.
  3. For the Apple and Gjetost Smiles: Cut a green apple into large, flat slices. Slice a block of Gjetost into thin slices. Top the apple slices with the Gjetost slices, then arrange Marcona Almonds on top to create a smiley face.
  4. For the Skewers: Cut the New York State Yellow Cheddar into bite-sized cubes and slice the Genoa salami into thick coins. Using a toothpick, create mini skewers by sliding on a Pitted Castelvetrano Olive, then a Genoa Salami coin, then a cube of cheddar.


  • Arrange three small bowls or dishes on a rectangular board, with two kissing diagonally on the right side and one towards the upper left corner, leaving some room around the edges.
  • Create a pile of Ellsworth Creamery Cheddar Cheese Curds around the bowl on the left.
  • Carefully drape a few slices of prosciutto around the outer edges of the two right hand bowls.
  • Fill the right hand bowls with Mitica Moka Pecans and Dark Chocolate Apricot Bites, respectively.
  • Fill the remaining bowl on the left with pretzels or chips of your choosing.
  • Carefully arrange all of the bites around the board--the Tea Sandwiches, Ants on a Log, Apple and Gjetost Smiles, and Skewers--leaving some room in the center of the board.
  • Fill the remaining space on the board with baby carrots or fresh produce of your choosing.

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