Board: The NYE Board by That Cheese Plate

The NYE Board by That Cheese Plate

Ring in the New Year with this original creation
The NYE Board by That Cheese Plate
Pop a bottle of Champagne and celebrate the New Year with this decadent board created by Instagram influencer and foodie That Cheese Plate, a.k.a. Marissa Mullen. Known for developing her own Cheese By Numbers plating method, That Cheese Plate is an expert at creating eye-catching boards for every occasion. For ultimate glitz, glamour, and top-notch flavor, we’ve selected three beloved and eye-catching cheeses: sweet Annelies, spoonable Harbison, and our very own gold-coated Cavemaster Labs Gilded Goat. Pair this gourmet trio with silky prosciutto, salami, rich wine-flavored dark chocolate, and fresh berries for a seriously stunning platter that’s guaranteed to be a hit at your NYE soiree.
  • Prep Time : 15 min
  • Assembly Time : 20 min.
  • Total Time : 35 min.
  • Serves: 4-6


  • 5-6 Strawberries, halved
  • Blackberries


  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Slice the Annelies roughly into small, uneven squares.
  3. Remove half of Harbison’s top.
  4. Fold the salami into triangles.
  5. Break up the chocolate into uneven pieces.


  • On a round board or plate, place a small bowl or dish at the 9 o’clock position, about an inch from the edge. Across from it, at the 3 o’clock position, place the Harbison. Place the Gilded Goat (or Valencay) at the 12 o’clock position and create a small pile of Annelies slices, stretching from the edge of the board towards the middle.
  • Make a river of prosciutto curving diagonally through the center of the board and between all the cheeses, from the 11 o’clock position to the 4 o’clock position. Stack the folded salami in three, two-inch wide sections against the edge of the board at the 9 o’clock position (left of the bowl), the 12-1 o’clock position (behind the Gilded Goat), and the 5 o’clock position (between the Annelies and prosciutto).
  • Line up three shortbread cookies against the edge of the board between the salami and the left edge of the Annelies, and again against the top edge of the board between the prosciutto and the salami. Create small, upright stacks of the 34 Degrees Crisps in the space between the bowl and the cookies, and in between the Gilded Goat and the Harbison.
  • Fill the spaces on the rest of the board with chocolate chunks, strawberry halves, and blackberries.
  • Place a square of honeycomb on the empty bowl/dish.

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Valencay 8 oz
Jasper Hill Farm Harbison 9oz