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The Pickles and Cheese Board

The Pickles and Cheese Board

The ultimate crunchy blend of tangy pickles and sweet cheese
The Best Sellers Board
Bring on the crunch! This bright, tangy, textured board is made for pickle lovers. We’ve paired some of our favorite zesty and original pickle creations with four creamy cheeses, from crumbly cheddar to funky Hooligan, plus a Black Pepper cheese and a sweet butterscotch Alpine. For our pickle selection, we’ve grabbed bites from three different makers. From McClure’s, we chose a classic spicy pickle with a seriously satisfying crunch, and from Trois Petits Cochons, we grabbed a handful of sweet bite-sized cornichons. For something a little out of the ordinary, we turned to Pacific Pickle Works’ original pickled veggies, brussel sprouts and asparagus spears that have been brined and infused with bright heat and spices. Grab some flavor-loving friends and dig in!


  1. Triangle Slice the Hooligan and the Rustico.
  2. Cut the Challerhocker into long batonettes, and partially crumble the cheddar, leaving ¾ on the rind.
  3. Chop McClure’s Spicy Pickles into large chunks.


  • On a round board, place two empty jars side by side in the center.
  • Arrange the cheeses around the edge of the board, leaving about 1-2 inches between each. Create a shingled line of Rustico triangles to the top right and place the cheddar block and crumbles to the top left. Create a pile of Challerhocker batonettes on the bottom right edge, and shingle the triangles of Hooligan in the bottom left.
  • Fold the slices of Charlito’s Cocina Campo Seco and arrange them tightly around the jars.
  • Between the Challerhocker and the Rustico, create a neat pile of Murray’s Sea Salt Crackers.
  • Between the cheddar and the Hooligan, arrange a pile of Brusizzle Sprouts. Make a neat pile of Asparagusto spears in between the cheddar and the Rustico.
  • Fill the space in the top right of the board with pickle chunks, and fill the space on the bottom half of the board with cornichons.
  • Fill the two jars with Murray’s Whole Grain Mustard and Le Bon Magot Chutney.

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