Vendeen Bichonne


Our newest find, and a cheese so good we've replaced the former favorite Tomme Crayeuse. Large, earthy smelling wheels so plump and bulging you may want to lay your head down. We cave finish this cheese for a taste that's all whole milk and cooked mushrooms, subtle, mellow and undeniably rich. The scent of toasty, buttered bread and cool wet stone play with each other, blending into a comforting blend. The name means "pampered cheese of Vendee," so pamper everyone you know with this pasteurized cow wonder. Slice, and enjoy over a piece of fresh, warm baguette. Beaujolais approved.

Just the Facts

Milk Type
Rennet Type
2 months

Pour a glass of...
  • Cider

    Brie and apples, cheddar and apples – both delicious! Why not extend that deliciousness to apples in liquid form? Enjoy cider and cheese for a pairing to remember.

    English style: drier, more like a beer, with nice acidity.

    Pair with: Just about anything but we love it with firm natural rind cheese, like Landaff.

    Basque/Normandy : barnyardy and funky, but still with a little sweetness.

    Pair with: A beefy washed rind, like Grayson to contrast the sugar and bring out the funk.

    American Cider: often, but not always on the sweeter side.

    Pair with: Sweet and earthy Bleu Mont Bandaged Cheddar or malty Bleu d’Auvergne.

  • Pinot Grigio

    A lighter, crisper white wine. Tends to be refreshing and fruity, with aromas of stone fruit, peach, quince, and lemon.

    Pair with: Creamy goat or mixed milk cheese with a crisp acidic element. La Tur or Brunet are great alongside the fruit-tart flavors of the wine.