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We the Cheesers, in order to form a more perfect wheel, are proud to bring you Preamble. Developing a new cheese involves lots of R&D. Once we've gotten it just right, but before we begin production in full, we make a small batch, limited release. Think of it like an advanced screening for a movie that's not yet in theaters.

Because Preamble is subject to the cheese we are developing at a given moment, each incarnation tends to be unique. Here is a profile of our current batch:

Batch #: 1.0 
Style: Bloomy 
Tasting Notes: Floral | Mushroom | Cream
About Preamble Batch #1.0: When we debuted this program, the response was so positive that we immediately put a new batch into production. That batch is now ready. It’s coated with calendula, helichrysum, and elderflower, and has that gooey paste and floral flavor that made the first edition of Preamble such a success. We don’t expect this type of re-release to be happening again, so grab Preamble #1.0 while you can. 

EXPLORE PREVIOUS BATCHES:(no longer available for sale)

Batch #: 1.1 
Style: Bloomy 
Tasting Notes: Herbs | Mushroom | Cream
About Preamble Batch #1.1: This particular iteration is a small-format cheese with double bloom. We have removed rose hips from the mixture that is coating the rind. The result is a cheese that retains more of its moisture, making for a gooier, creamier paste, with a profile that is more herbal than floral. 

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