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Murray’s Cave Aged Limited Finocchietto Blue


Inspired by traditional Italian herb-coated cheeses, this Cave Aged experiment is one bold blue. Young, rindless wheels of sweet and mellow Bay Blue from California’s Point Reyes Creamery arrive at our Caves to be aged for at least 80 days in our Natural Rind Cave. These wheels are then coated in fennel seeds--or finocchietto in Italian--and vacuum sealed for over a week to infuse them with an herbaceous, licorice-tinged essence. The result is a savory flavor bomb that brings together notes of soy sauce, chocolate, anise, and a touch of tropical fruit within a creamy, fudgy paste that’s packed with earthy blue veins. Try this tangy stunner with an equally daring accompaniment like finocchiona or hot sopressata and a glass of Italian red.

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Milk Type
Rennet Type
3 Months