Gruyere Alpage Moleson

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The tradition of raw cow’s milk Gruyere dates back to the 13th century. Since then, the Alpine region views the creation of this cheese as an art form, passed down through the generations. Gruyere Moleson is handmade from a single family cheese dairy, and this artistry and care can be tasted in each pliable, dense slice. Traditional Gruyere is aged between six months to three years. Gruyere Moleson is aged for eighteen months, which gives it a wonderfully balanced caramel flavor that is perfect for a classic fondue or melted atop a Croque Madame. Marked by time, browned with age, and pitted with tiny holes, a notable feature of this expertly aged cheese is the rind. Best enjoyed with a light, bright red and a few slices of speck or smoky saucisson.

Unless noted otherwise, Murray's cheeses sold by the lb ship in multiple 0.5 lb increments. To request a whole wheel, please contact the Murray's team at at least 72 hours prior to your desired ship date.

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18 Months

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