Holiday Feast Deluxe


What better way to welcome you to the wonderful world of Murray’s treats than with the quintessential spread of holiday delights? Packed with everything you could possibly want, from a nutty, Alpine classic to silky, savory prosciutto to some expertly crafted morsels of chocolatey goodness—if this gift doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit then nothing will!

Holiday Feast Deluxe comes in our Murray's Signature Gift Crate and includes:

SPICY Murray's Stilton
GRASSY Murray's Cave Aged Gruyère
RICH Selles-Sur-Cher
SPICED Murray's Cranberry Orange Jam
SILKY Murray's Prosciutto di Parma
MEATY Murray's Sopressata Salami
CRISP Jan's Farmhouse Cranberry & Pistachio Crisps
SEEDED Z Crackers Sea Salt And Olive Oil Crackers
SWEET Murray's Sundried Cherries
BRINY Divina Greek Mixed Olives

Holiday Feast Deluxe contains 2.4 pounds of cheese and 9 ounces of meat. Will serve 12-14 festive folks.

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