Manchego and Sheepy

If you haven’t already fallen in love with this Spanish cheese, you’ve probably seen it on your tapas platter. This firm, slightly crunchy sheep’s milk delight is named after La Mancha, a hot, dry region of Spain south of Madrid, where many wheels of this textured classic are still made by hand. Like cheeses made in a similar style, Manchego and its firm, sheepy counterparts change in flavor with age, but cheeses at peak ripeness are delectably rich in flavor, with a nutty sweetness and salted caramel essence, with savory notes of roasted lamb. Slice a chunk of this Spanish original (or one of its equally delicious cousins) on a plate with some chorizo for a snack that’ll wake you up from your afternoon siesta.

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Murray's Young Manchego
Murray's 1 Year Manchego
Mahon Semicurado Meloussa
Pyrenees Brebis
Ossau Iraty
Campollano de Oveja