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Blue Ledge Farm Middlebury Blue

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A diamond in the rough of a cheese, the Middlebury Blue from Blue Ledge Farm may have a rustic, natural rind exterior, but its interior paste is a smooth, mild, and creamy treat. Raw cow's milk from the creamery's Vermont neighbors gives the cheese an almost cheddary texture. Towards the rind, the pale paste takes on an amber hue, while deep blue veining cracks its way through the cheese. That blue adds a balance between earthy hay notes and sweet, caramel flavors, with a bite of pepper thrown in. Despite all this, it is a mellow cheese, and a sweet, light red is all it needs to shine.

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Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
2-3 months

Pour a glass of...
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    Old World Cabernet: Earthy with aromas of leather, hay, and dark dried fruits. Sometimes a hint of eucalyptus or violet.
    Pair with: Cheese with flavor that can stand up to this big wine. Alpine style cheeses like Comte or Challerhocker and some sweeter blues like Bleu d’Auvergne would make a good match.

    New World Cabernet: Characterized by bold oaky flavors and high levels of tannins. These wines are about as full-bodied as you can get, very jammy with flavors of reduced fruit.
    Pair with: Sweet clothbound cheddar or a Grana style cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano or Podda Classico.

  • Merlot

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    Pair with: Earthy tommes like Toma Walser, mellow Fontina, or a lightly aged goat cheese like Leonora.

  • Wheat Beers

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