Pont l'Eveque 220g

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This cheese is proof that excellent flavor is timeless. With legends dating Pont l’Eveque back to 12th century France, it has much flavor as it does history. Soft and pudgy, this washed rind square has an orange and white dappled rind encasing a rich, doughy paste that’s packed with earthy notes reminiscent of the Norman farmlands where it was born. Said to be created originally at a medieval abbey, it was originally called Angelot, then later named Pont l’Eveque after a bridge in a small town in the northwestern region of France and finally given AOC status in the 1970s. Assertive and aromatic, this creamy little cow’s milk gem has an essence of cooked milk and a barnyardy savor that’s punctuated with undertones of brassicas and hazelnut. For drink pairings, we suggest something that can stand up to the potent Pont l’Eveque, like a big, bold red.

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7.76 oz