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Surry Farm Sliced Surryano Ham 4oz

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Named for its hometown of Surry, Virginia, surryano ham is the deliciously salty product of Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. With over 90 years of serving up quality cured meats, the Edwards operation started when its founder, S. Wallace Edwards, began selling ham sandwiches on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry. Similar in style to Italian prosciutto and jamón serrano from Spain, these silky slices are hand rubbed with the Edwards' original dry cure, smoked for seven days over hickory wood, and aged for over 400 days before they emerge with a rich, nutty flavor. Wrap some around a slice of fresh melon or drape on your cheese board next to a few chunks of cheddar for a perfect blend of savory and sweet.

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Just the Facts

United States
Virginia, Mid-Atlantic
4 oz