Sweetheart Board

The Sweetheart Board

This cute plate for two proves that romance doesn’t have to be complicated.
Put together a gorgeous and tasty board in just minutes! Our Sweetheart Board is the perfect snack platter for two with minimal assembly and crowd-pleasing cheeses. Dive into some crumbles of our insanely delicious parm, and spoon some ultra-creamy St. Mark’s onto a crisp Rustic Bakery cracker for a classic crunchy combo that can’t be beaten. Top it all off with some sweet apricot jam and fresh berries of your choosing--we love the sleek look of blackberries, but any bite-sized fruits are sure to add a pop of color to complete this sweet and simple board.


  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Partially chunk the Solo Di Bruna, leaving about 2 inches of cheese left on the rind.


  • Basic Starter Board Step 1

    Place a small bowl and the St. Mark’s in opposite corners of your board (the top right and bottom left, respectively). Place the large remaining piece of Solo Di Bruna beside the chunks in the center of the board, angled slightly towards the bowl.

  • Basic Starter Board Step 2

    Shingle crackers from the bottom left corner of the board towards the center, and ring the St. Mark’s with shortbread in a quarter-circle. Fill the bowl with jam.

  • Basic Starter Board Step 3

    Fill in remaining space on the board with blackberries, then add sprigs of rosemary throughout to provide color. Add a spoon to the jam and serve.

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