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The Al Fresco Cheese Board

The Al Fresco Cheese Board

A deluxe outdoor dining spread
The Al Fresco Cheese Board
Dining ‘al fresco’ is all about enjoying the outdoors, so we’ve put together the ultimate picnic platter for an afternoon at the park or an evening on your balcony or roof. Just grab a few bottles of wine and some linen napkins to create an instant five-star spread that’s packed with five decadent cheeses, a few bites of rich charcuterie, and the perfect balance of sweet, zesty, and savory accompaniments. We lined up three intensely creamy cheeses to bring the luxury, and paired them with two snackable favorites so there’s something to please everyone’s palate.
  • Prep Time : 10 min
  • Assembly Time : 10 min.
  • Total Time : 20 min.
  • Serves: 4-6


  1. Slice the Pepper Jack into cubes.
  2. Triangle slice the Manchego.
  3. Partially cut the Goat Log into coins.


  • Arrange all of the cheeses and one small jar or dish around the edge of a round board. Place the jar or dish at the 10-11 o’clock position and surround it with a fan or semicircle of Manchego slices. Just below at the 8-9 o’clock position, make a neat pile of Pepper Jack cubes. Place a ball of Mozzarella at the 6 o’clock position, leaving about an inch of space from the edge of the board. From the 4-6 o’clock position, arrange the Goat Log and sliced coins. At the 2 o’clock position, place a full round of Fromager D’Affinois Triple Cream Excellence.
  • Around the outer edge of the Mozzarella, arrange ribbons of Prosciutto San Daniele.
  • Make a pile of Firehook Sea Salt Crackers in the center of the board.
  • Make a pile of Pacific Pickle Works Asparagusto! in the empty space between the Pepper Jack cubes and the Prosciutto and Mozzarella.
  • Fill the jar with Murray’s Wild Blueberry Preserves and garnish the board with grapes and herbs or fruit and greens of your choosing.

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Murray's Young Manchego
Vermont Creamery Small Goat Log 4 oz
Maple Leaf Pepper Jack
Firehook Sea Salt Cracker 5.5oz
Prosciutto San Daniele 3oz