Board: The Brunch Board

The Brunch Board

The Brunch Cheese Board
Cancel your reservations and host brunch at home with this gorgeous board fit for the whole crew! With a centerpiece of gooey, spoonable Jasper Hill Harbison, along with some sweet chunks of Flory’s Truckle, creamy, lactic Sainte-Maure, buttery St. Stephen, and nutty Challerhocker, this platter is bursting with our best and brightest cheeses. We piled on the breakfast sausage and a touch of toast to create a charcuterie plate that’s begging for a bellini.


  1. Remove cheeses from fridge one hour before serving.
  2. Chunk the Flory’s Truckle.
  3. Remove half of the top of the Harbison.
  4. Slice the Saint-Maure into even-sized coins.
  5. Wedge slice the St. Stephen
  6. Thinly slice the Challerhocker into long, thin strips.
  7. Slice the Olympia Provisions Käsekrainer into even-sized bites, and slice the Murray’s Truffle Mousse Pate into rectangles.


  • Place the Harbison in the center of the board. Create a ring around the Harbison with wedges of St. Stephen. At the 1pm and 7pm positions of the St. Stephen ring, place an empty jar. At the 9pm position, pile the Flory’s Truckle chunks in a triangle extending to the left edge of the board. At the the 4pm position, pile the Challerhocker slices in a triangle extending to the bottom right corner of the board. In the empty upper right corner, shingle the slices of Saint-Maure in a neat pile.
  • Drape the Prosciutto next to the top edge of the Flory’s Truckle chunks, and place the Breakfast Link chunks in a pile on the other side of the Flory’s Truckle. Shingle the Pate slices along the bottom edge of the board, between the bottom jar and the Challerhocker.
  • Shingle the Mini Toast in the empty bottom left corner of the board, and shingle the Oatcakes along the top of the board, between the Prosciutto and the top jar.
  • Fill one jar with Crown Maple Syrup, and the other with the Murray’s Orange Cranberry Preserves. Fill the empty spaces with nuts, chocolate, or a garnish of your choosing.

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Sainte-Maure 8 oz
Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen
Jasper Hill Farm Harbison 9oz
Milton Creamery Flory's Truckle
Crown Maple Syrup 12 oz
Murray's Prosciutto Di Parma 3oz
Olympia Provisions Käsekrainer 12oz
Murray's Truffle Mousse Pate 7oz