Vacherin Mont D'Or

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Produced over a single season each year, Vacherin Mont d'Or is as exclusive as it is silky and luscious. Hailing from Switzerland, it's crafted from cow’s milk produced during the fall and winter months—when the herd spends its days munching straw and fodder instead of grazing on the pasture. This specific diet imbues the cheese with a distinct richness, while a unique spruce wrapping brings irresistible woodsy notes to the spoonable interior. Since its availability is limited each year, make the most of every bite by enjoying it with an aromatic gewurztraminer. 

*Please note: Vacherin Mont D'Or's rind naturally has a mottled mix of white, blue, and green cheese molds on its orange-y pink surface. They’re part of the rind’s natural aging process and help soften the interior paste to its custard-like perfection. Don't be alarmed by this washed rind beauty's scent! Its funky essence is what makes this a special cheese experience.

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Just the Facts

Milk Type
Rennet Type
60 Days
12.35 oz

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