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The First Place Board

At our Cheese Board Competition, teams of chefs were asked to use only the items provided--a mix of holiday cheeses, meats, and accompaniments—and create a showstopping board in just 30 minutes. The result? A lot of gorgeous party platters, and one standout favorite from chefs Anita Lo and Mary Attea. Chef Lo, the previous owner of Michelin-starred restaurant Annisa, has been a contestant on Iron Chef America, Top Chef Masters, and Chopped All Stars. She and Mary Attea have cooked a state dinner at The White House and are widely recognized across the food world. We’ve recreated their original first place board that you can put together for your holiday gatherings.

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preparation & ingredients

1 ea. Vermont Creamery Herb Goat Log, 4 oz.

1/2 lb. Murray's Aged English Cheddar

1/2 lb. Murray's Stilton

1 ea. Murray’s Sliced Sopressata, 4 oz.

1 ea. Murray's Prosciutto di Parma, 3 oz.

1 ea. Murray’s Sea Salt Crackers, 4 oz.

1 ea. Greek Olive Mix, 6 oz.

1 ea. Murray’s Marcona Almonds, 4.2 oz.

1 ea. Red Bee Honey Comb Box, 10 oz.

1 ea. Murray’s Spiced Cherry Preserves, 10 oz.




Rosemary or other herbs

Preserved pumpkin


Slice the Aged English Cheddar into even-sized squares.
Partially chunk the Stilton, leaving just a little on the rind.
Fold the soppressata into triangles.
Slice one apple and cut a pomegranate in half.
Partially slice the goat log, leaving half the log intact.
Create 5-6 prosciutto wraps by cutting up the preserved pumpkin, wrapping it in Prosciutto di Parma, and sprinkling it with thyme.


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