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The Gin & Cheese Pairing Board

Craving a gin & tonic, a fresh gimlet, or a classic martini? This board is for you! We’re calling all gin lovers to dive into this original board that was created with botanical cocktails in mind. We’ve gathered three bold favorites--brothy, flower-coated Alp Blossom; luscious, velvety Bucheron; and a creamy, herb-coated Goat Log from Vermont Creamery--to build an eclectic spread that’s accompanied by silky speck, crisp herbal crackers, bright olives, fresh blackberries, and blood orange slices. Make sure to stock the bar cart, because this happy hour platter is sure to be a hit.

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preparation & ingredients

1 ea. Vermont Creamery Herb Goat Log

1 lb Alp Blossom

1 lb Bucheron

1ea. Murray's Speck Sliced

1 ea. Castelvetrano Olives

1 ea. Dried Blenheim Apricots

1 ea. Rustic Bakery Apricot, Pistachio & Brandy Crisps

1 ea. Bee Seasonal Organic Eucalyptus Honey

Blood Orange



Slice the Bucheron and the Goat Log into coins.
Cut a blood orange into round slices.


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