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Rustichella Pasta Fregola Sarda 500 G

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While Fregola doesn’t quite fall under the category of “pasta,” it’s still an essential Italian staple. Sometimes called Sardinian couscous, it’s made from semolina dough (coarsely-ground durum flour) that’s been rolled into tiny balls and roasted, providing a range of gold to brown coloring. Typically used in soups, this small but hearty grain has a subtle profile and satisfying mouthfeel. Since 1924, Rustichella D’Abruzzo has been a family-owned business specializing in authentic, handmade Italian pastas, rice, and grains. Using small-batch production practices and the finest quality wheat, their grains are blended with pure mountain spring water and extruded through bronze, then air-dried for a rustic texture and toasty, nutty flavor.

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