There’s a reason this Swiss stunner is one of the world’s most iconic cheeses. Named after the village of Gruyère in Fribourg, Switzerland (pronounced like groo-YARE), this firm, nutty classic obtained AOC status in 2001, distinguishing it from cheeses with similar profiles, and putting it in a category all its own. Dense yet creamy, this utterly snackable cheese maintains the distinctly grassy, smooth characteristics of an Alpine wheel. What’s more? This beauty is made for melting--use it in fondue or melt it down for your potato gratin recipe, or save a few slices for your cheese board. If you love Gruyère, don’t miss out on the equally delicious cheeses made in a similar style from France, Denmark, and Sweden.

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Murray's Cave Aged Gruyère
Murray's 18 Month Aged Comté
Appenzeller White
Appenzeller Extra
Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise