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Murray's Cavemaster Labs Hogwash

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If the idea of a sizzling slab of Benton’s ham is “bacon” you crazy, you won’t want to miss out on this exclusive Caves experiment! Hogwash, based on our Cavemaster Reserve Cornelia, is a tasty round of cow’s milk cheese from Point Reyes Farmstead that’s been rubbed with the rendered fat from a pack of Benton’s Bacon, then aged in our Natural Rind Cave for nearly 10 weeks. The result? A smooth and smoky wheel of subtle, succulent flavor. Maintaining the rich, buttery, and gently toasty profile of Cornelia, this brand new creation is toothsome and snackable, with notes of smoked hickory and brown sugar. Perfect atop a fresh omelette or paired with a dark stout, this blissfully bacon-loaded original is a tasty cheese made with meat lovers in mind.

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