Late Night Snack

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We've all been there - it's hours past dinner, and you find yourself staring blankly into the fridge, with no idea what you are craving. Or maybe you're about to sit on the couch and catch up on your favorite movie, and you want to mindlessly nosh. Whatever your excuse is - we've got you covered, with the Late Night Snack.  This collection spans all tastes - a meaty, wine soaked cheese from Italy, a spicy sausage, chocolates, nuts, dried figs and salty crackers. We encourage you to enjoy these treats - standing up at the kitchen counter in your pajamas. 

The Late Night Snack collection comes in a Murray's Signature Gift Box and includes:

Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Mistoa
Murray's Sliced Sopressata
Quicos de Chocolate
Spanish Pajarero Figs
Rip Rap Bakery Seeded Crackers

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