Stinky cheese is a cheese person’s cheese, stuff that’s not for the faint-hearted but full of character like no other style. Generally speaking, when we say ‘stinky cheese,’ what we’re really talking about is washed rind cheese. Legend has it that, centuries ago, a monk was aging cheese when he saw it growing some fuzz. Wanting to get rid of it, he dipped a spare rag in some spare beer and washed the fuzz off. When the fuzz reappeared, he did so again. This imparted flavor and funk to the cheese, and when he ate it he discovered he’d created a new thing.

If you think of some of the classic stinky cheeses—including Epoisses, Taleggio, Stinking Bishop, and U Pecorino—the thing that unites them is the presence of the bacterium Brevibacterium linens, affectionately shortened to the name “B. linens.” This is what gives a washed rind cheese is glorious pungency, the characteristic that sets it apart as the cheeselover’s cheese style.

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Jasper Hill Winnimere
Vallee Brebidoux
French Raclette
$17.00/Lb $20.00/Lb
Epoisses 8oz
$29.00/Each $32.00/Each
Perrystead Dairy Moonrise 4.5oz
Jasper Hill Farm Whitney
Jasper Hill Farm Willoughby 8oz
Blakesville Creamery Afterglow 5oz
Blakesville Creamery Sunny Ridge
von Trapp Family Farmstead Oma
Meadow Creek Dairy Grayson
Brebirousse D'Argental
Herve Mons Bethmale Chèvre
$35.70/Lb $42.00/Lb
Langres 6oz
$19.50/Each $20.00/Each
L'Affiné au Chablis
Murray's Camembert Fermier 8oz
$17.50/Each $23.00/Each