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The MVP: Most Valuable Platter


When the big game deserves a big feast, Murray’s Cheese has you covered with a one-stop shop for the sports fanatics in your living room. Hearty Gruyere and crunchy Cabot Clothbound Cheddar tame the wildest appetites, intensely creamy and tangy Humboldt Fog brings a ray of California sunshine, while Grayson and Point Reyes Bay Blue pack bold and meaty punches to round-out a championship cheese feast. Add some thin buttery ribbons of Prosciutto San Daniele and along with Creminelli Wild Boar Salami for a Carnivore’s delight, then finish it off with a collection of top-shelf crackers and super addictive plump olives. You just won the party, now win the game.

The MVP includes:


EARTHYClothbound Cheddar

TANGYHumboldt Fog


SHARP Point Reyes Blue

SILKYProsciutto San Daniele

MEATYWild Boar Salami

PLUMPCastelvetrano Olives

FRUITYJan's Farmhouse Crisps

CRUNCHYUrban Oven Crackers

The MVP includes 2.5 pounds of cheese and 8 ounces of meat. Will serve 8-10 of your most valued folks.

*Please note this assortment does not include the Murray's Signature Gift Crate.