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Murray's Barrel Aged Apple Cider Vinegar 375ML


The highest quality apple cider vinegar contains strands of sediment known as “mother,” the culture responsible for turning cider into vinegar. The sweet aroma of native white, pulpy, Southern Italian apples lend a pleasantly tart taste with hints of Slovenian oak barrel. This vinegar can be sipped as a healthy elixir (Apple cider vinegar has been cited to reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, and relieve everything from arthritis to leg cramps) or added to your favorite spritz or seltzer water. Murray’s works with a third generation family of vinegar producers in Modena, Italy who handcraft each batch of this fabulous vinegar for our label. The company’s roots in high quality wine vinegar and commitment to high quality balsamic condimento production ring true across the entire product line, as they continue to bring forth new recipes developed in and inspired by Modena. Pairs well with Arugula, pickled vegetables, vinaigrettes, and healthy detox drinks and smoothies.

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