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Hedene Lavender Honey 250g

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Fields of lavender bloom in Provence, France during the late summer. The bright purple fields and fragrant aroma attracts innumerous bees, who feast on the fresh flowers. The Drome region of Provence has a long, ancestral relationship with beekeeping, and have created this floral Lavender Honey for generations. Hedene adopted the region’s most floral and traditional type of honey, as a chance to help share the refined varieties of French honey, showing that the various territories truly affect the flavor notes of the honey. This monofloral honey – meaning the bees only harvest from one type of flower – tastes strongly of that floral honey, as well as highlighting fresh fruit notes and creamy white color. Thick and raw, spread across a cracker and top with a fragrant and sweet blue cheese, such as the Rogue River Blue.

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