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Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Hollander Special Edition


Imagine layering slowly smoked meat and slightly tart, slightly brandied cherries over a fresh, yeasty loaf of bread. It’s subtle and complex, with a perfectly pudgy texture and the slightest bit of funk—one of those cheeses that makes a stunning first impression that never wanes. That's what this special edition of our Cavemaster Hollander is like. 

Last fall, our pals at Goose Island Brewery got curious: What would a cheese washed with their beer taste like? So we teamed up to find out. Our Cavemaster realized that Madame Rose—Goose Island’s farmhouse cherry ale—would work great with a sheep’s milk cheese. As it happens, our Cavemaster Reserve Hollander is such a thing, so we washed a batch, aged them in our caves, and just like that these lovely little wheels came into the world.

Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
3-4 months