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Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Lait Bloomer


Welcome to the world Lait Bloomer! This flower-rinded brie-style button begins life at Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, after which it is sent to be raised by us in our cozy NYC caves. After a delicate coating of dried flowers are applied to the rind, this cheese looks more like it was aged in the Garden of Eatin’, and it tastes just as divine. The ooey-gooey paste is loaded with flavors of fruits, nuts, and fresh cream. In particular, we notice that the flowers impart notes of blackberry, citrus and almond. There’s also a subtler layer of button mushroom coming from the bloomy rind.

You may recognize Lait Bloomer from its days as a Preamble, our R&D program through which we release test batches. Well, we’ve gotten this recipe just right, and it’s so good that we’re adding it to our permanent lineup.

When we began developing Lait Bloomer, we experimented with lots of different flowers for the rind. Some, like rose hips, were overpowering. Others, like cornflower, lost their color. After several R&D batches, we hit on the winning combination of flavor and appearance: marigold, elderflower, and helichrysum.

Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
4 oz