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Nicasio Valley Cheese Tomino

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Don't be fooled by this adorable little white wheel, this cheese packs big, unique flavor and is far from your snooze-inducing grocery store "brie." Tomino comes from Nicasio Valley, an organic farm that's about an hour north of San Francisco where happy cows graze on green pastures for most of the year, being moved from field to field to get a taste of the freshest and most nutrient-rich grasses available. This cheese brings the chill, California vibes with its fluffy, light-but-creamy texture, but when it comes to flavor this bloomy rinded cheese is all business. Boasting a lush milkiness and notes of buttery garlic and black truffle, Tomino's flavors balance out to create a smooth and delightful tasting experience. This cheese goes great with the salty bite of cured meats, but isn't afraid to stand alone in all its vegetal glory atop a sturdy cracker. Pair it with a bold white wine or a Brown Ale to bring out that herbaceous subtlety in the milk.

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5 Weeks