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Murray’s Cave Aged Limited Shiso Ch?zu

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For this Caves experiment, we’re bringing together iconic Japanese ingredients and classic New York cheese for a fusion of fresh, floral flavor that takes traditional Camembert to a whole new level. Chīzu is Japanese for “cheese,” and this unique creation begins as a square of “green” or unaged Camembert from Upstate New York’s Old Chatham Creamery, which our Caves team then carefully wraps with four shiso leaves that have been soaked in sake. Shiso, a Japanese leaf that’s similar to basil, creates a distinct, bold pattern on the rind and infuses these bloomy beauties with an herbaceous essence that blends with the cheese’s bready, buttery profile. After two weeks in our Bloomy Rind Cave, these squares maintain a mild aroma of damp moss and rising dough, and a pudgy, yielding paste that’s equal parts raw honey and freshly churned butter, with a bright tang and lingering notes of mint. This Cave Aged Limited cheese is a natural pairing for sake, but we also like it with a dry Riesling and a spread of Raincoast Fig and Olive Crisps and Bee Raw Honey Comb.

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Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
Cow, Sheep
Rennet Type
4 oz

Since the inception of the Caves at Murray’s Cheese, our expert Cavemasters have aged and produced the best cheeses in our very own center for affinage in NYC. Our Cavemaster Reserve selection is a line of premium, unique cheeses that come straight from one of our four caves. Our Bloomy Rind Cave is home to soft, young Cavemaster Reserve cheeses like our Hudson Flower and Lait Bloomer.