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The @ButterBeReady Pride Board

The @ButterBeReady Pride Cheese Board

A celebratory Pride spread from creator Quin Liburd
The @ButterBeReady Pride Cheese Board
For this board celebrating love, we collaborated with recipe developer, photographer, and home cook Quin Liburd or Butter Be Ready (@butterbeready). She documents her culinary adventures - like this board - that are born out of a love of food and photography, with which she creates simple, seasonally-inspired recipes that can be easily replicated at home. For this board, Quin’s put together all the colors of the rainbow by combining six decadent cheeses, five succulent charcuterie selections, and a whole host of bright snacks, jams, and fresh produce to make a Pride platter that’s ideal for summer eating.

Prep and Assembly Directions

  1. Partially chunk or slice all cheeses.
  2. Slice the mini cucumbers and bell peppers.
  3. On a rectangular board, arrange the cheeses around the edges of the board as you like, equidistant from one another.
  4. Arrange the meats, accompaniments, and garnishes around the cheeses evenly, creating a blend of colors and textures.

  • The @ButterBeReady Pride Cheese Board
  • The @ButterBeReady Pride Cheese Board

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