Bien Cuit Miche

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It only takes one bite of this handcrafted Miche bread to understand why Bien Cuit is one of New York’s most beloved bakeries--made from a simple mix of blended rye and wheat flours, this mouthwatering sourdough-style roll is the king of bread. Delectably crusty with a buttery, pull-apart interior, Bien Cuit’s Miche is a large format French-style country loaf crafted with artisanal precision and only the freshest ingredients. Bien Cuit, nominated for multiple James Beard awards, is a Brooklyn-based operation that’s been producing incredible handcrafted baked goods since 2011, with a focus on natural, high-quality ingredients to produce top-of-the-line breads, croissants, desserts, and more. *Please be aware that Bien Cuit orders require 1-2 days for processing.

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