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Marky's Russian Osetra Caviar 1oz

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In the world of food, caviar is an unrivaled delicacy, and in the world of caviar, there’s almost none as prized as Osetra. It has an astoundingly clean flavor: slightly salty with hints of nut, kelp, and—if you can believe it—cream. Good caviar pops upon bite; great caviar melts in your mouth. This is undeniably great caviar, coating the palate with the purest ocean essence. And the reason it’s so good? Marky’s Gourmet Food. Marky’s has been one of the top purveyors of caviar for the last 35 years, becoming the foremost manufacturer of these prized pearls in the whole country. When it comes to a product so delectably delicate, you want it to come from the most trusted source. That’s Marky’s.

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