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B&R Farms Dark Chocolate Apricot Bites 3.5oz

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Fans of chocolate covered raisins will want to snack on these bright apricot bites. B&R Farms crafts addictively tasty, sweet mouthfuls by coating juicy dried Blenheim apricots with silky dark chocolate. The snackability and pop of fruit flavor make these bites ideal for cheese boards and brunch spreads, especially when paired with a creamy blue like Bleu D’Auvergne or a buttery selection like Fromager D’Affinois.

About the Maker

  • Since 1929, the family-owned and operated B&R farms has specialized in the production and harvesting of Blenheim Apricots.  

  • The Hollister, California facility originally started as an orchard for a wide variety of fruits, and has since grown into a 40-acre stretch that grows Blenheim Apricots exclusively.  

  • Jim and Mari Rossi, along with their son Brian and their dedicated staff, tend to the fruit.  

  • The peak harvest time for Blenheim Apricots occurs in mid-summer and is known for its brevity—sometimes as short as ten days. 

  • The Rossi family and their orchard team are tasked with the grading, sorting, packaging and cool storage of the apricots.  

  • B&R Farms was started by Jim’s grandparents, Frank and Mary, and subsequently operated by his parents, Emil and Elsie, before he and his family took over operations.  

  • Beyond dried Blenheims, they offer an array of apricot products including preserves, purees, and chocolates.  

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