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Murray's Buffalo Mozzarella 8oz


Buffalo yield far less milk than dairy cows, but what they lack in production they more than make up for in quality. Buffalo milk is the thickest, richest, creamiest milk of all—it has twice the fat content of cow's milk and stays fresh for longer as well. And it's that richness that makes buffalo milk such a celebrated source for mozzarella. Our very own Murray's Buffalo Mozz is made from Italian buffalo milk. It's pillowy and dense, luscious and delicate, sweet and the slightest bit gamy. It has a bounce to its bite that can only be the result of this particular milk type. It is, you could say, mozzarella that has been buffed up. Put it on a pizza, make some Caprese, or just drizzle it with some good oil—this cheese is best appreciated with you let the quality of the ingredients shine.Â

Listen to former Murray's Monger-in-Chief Rob Kaufelt talk about mozzarella di bufala on NPR's The Splendid Table.

Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
1 week
8 oz