While our cheeses pair perfectly with most things, there’s hardly a more classic combo than cheese and salami. Cheese boards and charcuterie platters have got it right--a few slices of savory salami with a chunk of a Murray’s favorite is an unbeatable snack. What exactly is salami? There’s an incredible variety of items that fall under this category, but the distinction between types of salami depends on the spice mix and meat type used, which can allow for a mouthwatering amount of different products!

Want the best selection of sliced and full salami? Look no further—with products hailing from renowned producers all over the world, our choice meats come in every imaginable form, from classic Italian Genoa salami to Brooklyn Cured hot soppressata, and even dry salami sticks. Ideal for sandwiches, homemade pizza, or even pasta recipes, this collection of carefully-selected salami is guaranteed to make any meal a showstopper.

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