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Charlito's Cocina Salami Picante Sliced 3oz

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Looking to spice up your charcuterie plate? Grab a few slices of this mouthwatering salami from Charlito's Cocina. Made from heritage breed pork, it's slowly dry-cured with hand-raked sea salt and a proprietary blend of chiles, creating a tangy, juicy salami that has a punch of bright, sweet heat to complement its savory notes perfectly. Grounded in the curing traditions of Spain, Charlito's Cocina focuses on utilizing organic, authentic ingredients. This Queens, New York-based operation takes time-honored family recipes to new heights with an infusion of original flavor. For an irresistible snack, pair this spicy treat with a handful of Marcona almonds and a crisp beer or cider.

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United States
New York, Mid-Atlantic
3 oz