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Lillie's Q Ivory Bbq Sauce 17oz

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Sauciness is one of our favorite qualities when it comes to just about everything, most especially our BBQ sauce. Above all, we look for flavor that's not shy, and in these BBQ sauces we've found bold and unique combinations of herbs, spices and top secret ingredients. Lillie's Q sauces come to us from chef Charlie McKenna, owner of Chicago's renowned Lillie's Q, crafted in memory of his grandmother, Lillie. As a boy, Charlie paid attention to Lillie's instructions and learned the recipes and secrets of her southern kitchen, including these sauciest of BBQ sauces:

Carolina Hit the sweet spot with this classic savory and sweet sauce'slather liberally on ribs, wings and be messy about it so you can lick your fingers.

Hot Smoky As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire. A most intoxicating blend of heat, smoke, sweet brown sugar and tart apple vinegar.

Ivory This Alabama-style vinegar and mayonnaise based sauce delivers a peppery-lime kick that's amazing on fries and grilled chicken.

Hot Sauce Pimientos, cane sugar vinegar and dried scotch bonnet peppers join the rest of the mess to create this spicy, luscious sauce.

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An award-winning BBQ pitmaster, chef Charlie McKenna knows his stuff. Made with quality ingredients like brown sug-ar and apple cider, Charlie honors his lineage with these killer sauces, whaich are named after his grandmother Lillie- his kitchen inspiration. These incredible sauces are a must have accompaniment for any BBQ!