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This collection is for the culinary daredevils who live to set their taste buds ablaze but don't want to sacrifice quality for heat. We've packed a gift box with spice at its finest: the best heat-packing cheese, jam, nuts, and more, including some supremely spicy hot sauce. We'd say eat with caution, but with a taste of any of the treats in this collection, you'll know the burn will be worth it.

The Spice Lovers includes: 
SWEET Blake Hill Preserves Jalapeno And Lime Chili Jam
CRUNCHY Murray's Spicy Marcona Almonds
BUTTERY Maple Leaf Pepper Jack
SMOKY Queen Majesty Coffee & Habanero Hot Sauce
RUSTIC Murray's Calabrese Sliced
SWEET The Baking Bean Mexican Spiced Caramel Popcorn
CRUNCHY Mitica Picaquicos

The Truffle Lovers collection contains 0.5 pounds of cheese and 4 oz of meat. Will serve 3-4 people.

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